Digital Printing

Digital printing is the most exciting thing that's happened to the printing industry in 30 years. But nobody knows it.

Exaggeration? A little...but not a lot.

If you haven't heard, digital printing lets you print very small quantities and have them delivered fast-fast-fast. Unlike offset printing presses, which traditionally use plates made from film, the new digital presses take your digital files and print from them. There's no film involved at all.

Business owners can benefit by using this new printing technology in many ways -- if only they knew about it!

Here are just seven reasons why, in printing, you should "go digital:"

  • You can print as little as a quantity of one. Seriously, your print runs can be low, even for full-color printing, and the costs won't make you blanch. With traditional offset printing, consumers tend to print far more than they'll ever need. Yet many people waste 30 percent of what they print.
  • You can print a small quantity of your corporate brochures in time for that important trade show NEXT WEEK. No kidding. Lead times are much shorter with digital printing. Or, you can get new business cards for that last-minute business trip IN DAYS.
  • You can print different versions of your piece, like a brochure or a newsletter, for different markets and test out their effectiveness before you settle on one look.
  • You can PERSONALIZE your postcards or brochures or whatever by taking advantage of the latest cool "subset" of digital printing, called variable data printing. It lets you practice "one-to-one marketing," because EVERY PIECE HAS DIFFERENT CONTENT. It marries a database (yours) with the design template. And every printed piece has different information to help make it more personal, more attractive, and more effective. Plus, you get higher response rates with VDP.
  • Each of your salespeople or executives can have his or her own version of sell sheets or other printed materials, tailored specifically for his/her own clients or prospects.
  • You can CHANGE THE CONTENT more often with digital printing, keeping your material current and accurate. So print 2000 brochures every quarter and update the copy, instead of printing 8000 brochures per year and living with outdated and incorrect information.
  • You can KISS ALL OF THOSE UNUSED PRINTED PIECES GOODBYE! With digital printing, you can reduce or even eliminate waste by only printing what you need. How novel is that? 

    Digital printing may not serve all of your printing needs, but it sure comes in handy for small runs and quick turnaround jobs. Ask us about it. You will be amazed at the benefits it offers.


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Offset Printing

When your project requires the highest quality in printing, Offset printing is the way to go. From spot colors to full color process, we ensure bright vibrant colors that will exceed your expectations and meet your tight deadlines.

With our high tech offset printing equipment and direct to plate technology, we can offer quick turnarounds, such as next day or 2-4 days, that traditionally was only available with Digital Printing. When you need quick printing and cheap prices without sacrificing quality, give us a call or request a quote through our quote request form. We would love to be the only Central Florida Printer you'll ever need.

What is Offset Printing and How does it compare to Digital Printing?

Offset printing is the preferred method of printing by Creative Printing & Publishing Printing, and most other commercial printers, because it produces the highest quality printing possible. When you hear the term Offset Printing this refers to a technique of printing that has been around since 1903. I won't bore you with the history of offset printing but it is interesting to note that the technology of the process really hasn't changed much over the past 100 years. Although advances in technology have simplified the process and highly increased the quality.

The technique can be described whereby ink is spread onto a metal plate that has been etched according to the image file. The ink is then transferred onto a rubber blanket and finally applied to the paper. The rubber blanket presses firmly into the grooves of the paper resulting in a very high image quality.

So you may ask yourself, how does this process compare to Digital Printing and how do I know which process to ask for when placing an order with Creative Printing & Publishing? There are many factors that would decide which process to use, but the most simple common factor is quantity. Other benefits of Offset Printing are listed below. Although Offset printing set-up costs are relatively high, once the quantity increases past a certain point (usually 1,000 pieces) it is much cheaper per piece than Digital Printing. Since there are no setup costs involved with Digital Printing, small quantities can be done very cheaply when compared to Offset. Typically the runs are under 1,000 pieces of regular 8.5x11 sheet size.

Offset Printing can be printed as 1, 2, 3 or 4 color.

Benefits Of Offset Printing
  • Consistent high image quality
  • Inexpensive per piece cost with high quantities
  • Larger sheet sizes available
  • More choices and textures of paper avaialable
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Graphic Design

Are you an Entrapreneur busy building your company with no time for graphic design? Or do you have some creative capabilities but just can't get your project to "pop"....let CP&P help you out.

Creative Printing & Publishing is your Central Florida graphic design company. We are located in Sanford but serve many clients for their design needs all over Florida. When you need custom graphic design, but don't want to pay expensive advertising company prices, contact CP&P. We can create a logo for your company, update an outdated logo, or simply use your existing logo to create your business stationary. Our services include design of: Business Cards, Brochures, Postcards, Catalogs, Newsletters and more! Or if you have a design but need it recreated to be more appealing, we can help.

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Direct Mail

Direct Mail is a great way to advertise your business or stay in contact with your current customers. Creative Printing & Publishing is the only company you need to get your direct mail message out: from design, to printing, to mailing out, we are your Central Florida Direct Mail Company.

Direct Mail is still a vital part of staying in contact with your existing customers or marketing to potential customers. Creative Printing & Publishing can print, address and mail your direct mail piece cheaper than the cost of a first class postage stamp in most cases. We utilize postal software that allows us to process your mailing list and get the best possible postage rates offered by the USPS. We utilize high end equipment to imprint directly onto your mailing piece for a professsional look and quick turnaround.

Operating out of our Sanford, Florida location we can send your message out to nearby cities in Central Florida or Nationwide.
Benefits of our Direct Mailing Services:
  • Keep in contact with your customers or attract new customers
  • You save time from hand addressing and stamping your mail piece
  • CASS/NCOA certification to ensure lowest postage rates
  • Bulk Mail Rates, estimated at .25 for standard mail vs. .44 with stamps
  • The postage savings often covers the cost of our mailing service
  • Quick turnaround time from printing to mailing out
  • No need for 3rd party mail houses

Binding / Die Cutting

Wide Format Digital Output



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